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About us

It Element, LLC is a local Native American business, specializing in Incan & Mayan Handicrafts, creators Della and Greta Garcia have cultivated their business of recycling handmade merchandise through their mother-daughter relationship.

They specialize in leather handbags, sterling silver jewelry, beaded jewelry, and all of their crafts are made from coins, feathers, seeds, semi-precious stones, shells, textiles, etc. When you purchase from their booth you will get a unique handmade craft.

It Element Designs


Incan and Mayan handicrafts

We believe in our indigenous crafts.
that are made with elements of the Pachamama (Mother Earth).


Handmade products

Original handicrafts, unique,
and completely handmade by our indigenous communities.


34 years of experience

We have several years of experience
creating and selling handicrafts.


Fair trade

We believe in fair trade so that there is a just pricing
for both our loyal customers and for us the artisans.

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