How to buy via website, It Element Designs?

Remember that to buy in our store you must be registered. You can do it from here

  1. Browse our online store and choose the product you like. Once you have chosen your product, click on your photo to see the characteristics of the product you are interested in.
  2. Choose the quantity of products you want to purchase and then press the "Add to cart" button.

    The following pop-up window will open:

  3. Here it shows you the option to "Continue Shopping" or "Proceed To Checkout" (Pay the product). If you wish to continue buying you can repeat the previous steps, otherwise you must click on "Proceed to checkout" to complete your purchase.

    Remember that all the products you buy will be added to the basket. You can see them by clicking there. The basket of orders is located in the upper right part of our online store.

  4. Then, once you clicked on "Proceed to checkout" you will see a page that will show you all the details of your purchase. If everything is correct, press the "Checkout" button.
  5. In this step you must fill in the required information so that we can send you your product. The system will request your personal information, address and payment method. In regards to shipment, we only work with USPS.

    It is important that the data you place is valid, so that your products reach their destination and there are no issues in delivery.

  6. Once you have completed all the requested information, click on the "Order With An Obligation To Pay" button. Immediately you will be redirected to the PayPal website to make the payment from there.

    If your chosen payment method is PayPal, you will be asked for your login information (username and password) to deduct the money of the purchased product, from this system.


    If you chose to pay by credit card, the PayPal system will request the information on your card to collect the money from the product from there.

  7. Ready, you have made your handicraft purchase via

    Once you have made the payment you will receive various e-mails of your purchase. Then you will be given an invoice and your tracking code for USPS with which you can track your product until it reaches its final destination.