Authentic native american handicraft

Our business

It Element, LLC is a family run indigenous handicraft business that designs and creates handicrafts native to my parents’ countries Guatemala and Peru. All of our handicrafts are reinvented from coins out of circulation, basic utensils, butterfly wings, feathers, leather, beads, textiles, shells and semi-precious stones. The mission of It Element, LLC is to share our Incan and Mayan culture through our unique designs and symbolism in our handicrafts.

The vision of It Element, LLC is to educate the consumers on the craftmanship that handmade products being of the best quality and still being relevant in today’s market. Our products added value consists of: recycling materials, providing work for artisans in our indigenous communities, and enlightening the world on our culture.

Our team

Team It Element Designs

Customer reviews

"For years I have purchased the macrame wrapped crystal amulet necklaces for myself, family, friends, and hurting/healing people regularly as gifts. The recipients always say that they can feel a sense of calm and protection immediately after putting them on. We're proud repeat and referring customers!"

Kimberly Rogers

"The business has very unique products that are all handmade. So you don't have to worry about anyone else having what you have lol. I have several necklaces from them and I always get a lot of attention when I wear them. They also have great customer service and treat you like family. Thanks again!"

Trent Lewis